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Chuck Brasiel
Randy and I had a great time and will never forget it or Rene, Ronald or you. Thank you all your great service, food and fellowship. We are looking forward to our trophies. All of your wine was good. I took the excess body wash and shampoo that was unused in your shower, so I can occasionally sniff it to remind me of you folks. Your laundry had the same odor as well

Randy Platz <
Hi Rene and Ronald. This is Randy Platz from the Wisconsin group. I just wanted to Thank you guys again for an amazing first trip to Africa!! I could not have asked for anything better during my trip. The service, hospitality, food and hunting was all amazing!! I really appreciate all of your efforts to make it a great trip! Thank you!
Thanks for the wonderful experience you  provided our group 4/28 - 5/4.  Your hospitality and patience was greatly appreciated.  I�m sure your patience was tried with a couple members of our group, I know mine was.  Well, I guess it gives you a few more fire side stories. As you know after we left you we went to Cape Town and stayed at a wonderful hotel, did the touring things along with the shark cage dive and drove to the Cape.  My wife Nancy feels hands down that the first part of our trip, spent with you, was by far and away the most enjoyable.   Obviously I have to agree.  The setting of your camp, your demeanor, along with your chosen staff made us feel very welcome and relaxed.   Rene, I have to compliment you on your cooking.  I looked forward to every meal, excited to see and taste what you served.  The trip was my first Africa Hunt and my friend Jim�s first big game hunt period.  You have helped create a life time

Rick Libke <
Hey Guys. Everything worked out perfect. All the sun city and game park activities were great. Flights and luggage all arrived worked out as well including the zebra rug. Thanks for your great hospitality to your entire camp staff. We all loved every minute. Take care and keep on touch. \

Out of both hunts, I had the most fun with Ubathi.  Thank You very much for the great memories.

Lorna Acosta

Rene and Ronald (Owen and everybody else)
I again can't thank all of you enough for an absolutely wonderful time in South Africa.  We WILL be back!