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My name is Danny Beckett and I live in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada.. Upon arrival to the lodge we met Ronald Barnard  and the other staff. Ronald was very enthusiastic at our arrival and was very interested in how our journey went. He was also eager to get us settled into or cabins so we could relax and prepare for our safari. It was apparent that Ronald was passionate about hunting and guiding. Once settled we were anxious to see what firearms were available to rent as we chose to travel without our own. Ronald showed us the firearms and allowed us to choose with some recommendations. Safety was number one. Ronald stated that we would all be able to shoot some groups and further evaluate the rifles. He wanted us to be comfortable with the rifles and also be able to demonstrate that we were safety conscious. We all readily agreed. We checked zeros on the rifles and agreed on which we were each using.
    Throughout our safari Ronald demonstrated a vast knowledge of South Africa. The animals, terrain, economics, and people. Ronald was always great to talk too. Very engaging and personable. He got to know us all, and there was seven of us. He also allowed us to get to know him. The women on the trip had a great time chatting and joking with Ronald. He has a great passion for hunting and a great respect for being a PH. He spoke of goals he had and how he would like to further pursue PHing. He spoke of some of the requirements and was very informative. Ronald mentioned that just because the days hunt was over, the PH's job was not over. We would visit late into the evenings and had many laughs together. The atmosphere  added so much to our safari. When our ten days was over were all very sad to leave. We will return I and hope to have the opportunity to again share our safari with Ronald and Rene

We greatly enjoyed our hunt with Ronald.  He was extremely professional as a PH, very knowledgeable of the animals and the areas we hunted.  Ronald also made it a priority that we all handled our firearms in a very safe manner.  During our hunt we have a issue with one of our rifles not firing correctly.  Ronald helped us evaluate and repair the problem.  We enjoyed the hunt so much we booked an additional hunt and plan to take 8 friends back with us.   Dave and Tricia LeCureux

Its Mike and Marshall Prosofsky getting back to you.
Our time and hunting spent  was unforgettable and a trip of a lifetime. We travelled with a group of 9 and the atmosphere at camp in Limpopo was excellent, hunting with the P.H, guides, trackers/skinners was awesome and very enjoyable.  Marshall took and excellent 54" kudu and 24" impala and I shot an excellent mature gemsbok. The hunting was unbelievable with lots of game seen, and the accommodations were over and above our expectations. Great atmosphere and awesome home cooked meals every day. Thanks for everything, hope to see ya soon.