• Rifle and bow hunting can be done. Dark moon periods are better for bow hunting as well as later in the year when it is dry.
  • Varmint hunting, bird hunts, day trips and fishing does are qualify for the rebate of the nation you bought
  • The animals not native to our area – Springbuck, Black wildebeest, Hartman Zebra and Red Lechwe are available in other areas like Northern Cape and will require travelling and extra cost
  • The Eastern Cape animals – Cape Bushbuck, Blue duiker, Cape grys buck, Klipspringer and Vaal Reedbuck – prices on request
  • The terrain varies between dense bush and open savannah and grasslands
  • Walk and stalk mostly but animals can also be hunted from the vehicle ,
  • We have blinds that can be used if that is preferred


  • Non-hunters pays a daily fee and will only consider to be a hunter when 2 animals are hunted – one big and one small
  • If free animals are part of the package / donation and these animals are wounded – the hunter will be liable for the cost as per pricelist of that year
  • If a package stipulates that animals must be divide between 2 hunters – they will be divided equally with same big and small animal quantities