TJ Trevino

I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for your assistance in organizing and managing our hunt.  From day one to drop off at the airport it was nothing short of amazing. Before I begin to thank you, I want you to know that I would hunt any dangerous animal with you anywhere. The impressive behavior you displayed during my hunt was so cut above the rest that I would recommend you to any of my fellow hunters. During my buffalo hunt and  after I shot the buffalo and we all realized the buffalo was not down I noticed everyone’s tense and unnerving facial expressions and realized we were in a dangerous situation going into the bush after a wounded Cape buffalo. For me this was best part as I normally enjoy stalking and not just stalking but stalking dangerous game.  Throughout the day you made one decision that will forever be imbedded in my memory. As we crossed the small creek you made the call to go back to the creek crossing I’m sure you remember that’s when we recovered the buffalo spore. Hours and miles later we found the buffalo and made several shots at the buffalo where it finally rested under the tree. At this point we all thought the end was here for the buffalo. Gert you and I all approached the buffalo when it came to. To me this is where a man will discover what he is made of. I’ll never forget the way that buffalo looked at me. As if I owed it a large sum of money. Three shots later we were all taking picture and displaying signs of true craftsmanship towards hunting. It wasn’t until I was home that I realized the magnitude of my hunt and how close we came to a dangerous situation where the tables of fate could have turned to favor our quarry. The last 4 minutes of that buffalo hunt is where I believe every dollar I spent was earned. I want you to know that I consider you a friend for life. Any person that can go into the bush with me after a wounded buffalo and show no signs of fear is definitely cut from a finer cloth. Thank you for a great hunt, it is definitely the best hunt I have ever been on.

TJ Trevino

Good Morning Everyone at Global Safaris!
I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank each of you for such a Great trip. This was our first Safari and we really did not know what to expect once we got to South Africa. There are always thoughts going through your mind as you get off of a plane in South Africa like I sure hope they remembered we were flying in today!!! And I sure hope they have a sense of humor!!! Tyrone was our PH and he picked us up from the airport. Poor Tyronem sure about an hour into the 3 hour drive he wanted to tape my mouth shut for asking so many questions! But he was very professional and even though many of my questions were he answered them with a smile! You and your staff are very friendly and very professional and it felt more like a family then a business, many resorts and vacation get a ways try to make you feel this way but you truly did an Amazing job!!!

We purchased this safari that you donated at a Mule Deer banquette in New Mexico, and I would have never guessed how much this would change our lives forever!! I wanted to thank you for your donation to the Mule Deer Foundation, and for all of your donations you have given to help animal conservation around the world. I have been asked many times what was my Favorite part of our trip. People just do not understand unless they have been there but there was no bad parts at all!!!! Going to South Africa was more than a hunting trip, I have been on many of those in the States. This was more of an Experience than anything else. Seeing the sight first hand of what this beautiful world of ours has to offer! I Absolutely LOVE Hunting so of course that was Awesome, but here in the US and in New Mexico we have quite a few animals to hunt but some live in one corner of the state or in high country, or whatever the case may be but you will only see a couple each day you go out. And yes SA is the same, some animals live in different areas but, every day we seen at the very least 10 different species of animals, most days we seen many more then that!!!! We have all seen animals in a zoo so I thought seeing a giraffe would just be hey there’s a giraffe no big deal. NOPE, when you are driving looking for animals and your wife says and I quote. ”Hey that tree just moved… Giraffe, Giraffe, Holy Cow there is a GIRAFFE!!!!!!!!! Ya Trust me it’s NOTHING like a zoo!!!!

Tyrone was our PH and between him and Mosses, our tracker and skinner, they made an Amazing team! From showing us the best animals to trying to teach us how to speak Afrikaans we could not have asked for a better team! We WILL be back to South Africa and we WILL be hunting with you again! I could not have planned a better trip with a better group of people and I can’t wait to do it all over again!

For Everything you did for us and for all the laughs we shared Baie Dankie!!!

See You Soon Brandon and Tonnie Blevins

Rene, Ronald and Caroline;
Just a note to let you know that we made it home safely. Two of our suitcases didn’t however, but will show up sooner or later. Thank you again for your warm hospitality, kind friendliness, and the personal interaction. This was truly another experience that will remain in all of our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives. Thank you again for your hospitality both yours and your marvelous staff. Hope you have a successful hunting season, be safe, and healthy.

Steve Dennis Gary Josh Larry Adam

Hello Renee, Ronald,Carolien,and Tyrone.
It is hard to believe we have been home for almost two weeks now. We still think of our amazing trip everyday! We thank you again for your fabulous hospitality. We will remember this trip for many years to come. Hope you are all well. God bless you all, Roger and Denise, Jamie and Marla, Adam and Bri.
Hello Rene, the Lesperance group made it home!
We just want to give you, Ronald,Tyrone, Carolien, Owen, Olivia, Arnel,a great big thank you again,,we had the most amazing experience. Your cooking was phenomenal! You guys are top notch in our books and we will always remember your hospitality and friendship! We hope to one day go back and enjoy your kindness once again! Until we meet again take care of yourselves and God Bless!

I took my then 11 year old son and my wife on the Safari. We had a Blast! They unexpectedly had a .243 in camp that was accommodating to a petite sized young man and a PH that was very patient and helped my son take an impala and blesbok. He had only just gotten his first deer the winter before our trip, apparently our shooting sessions paid off in spades. About half way through our stay some more kids his age showed up and I lost my little buddy to younger camaraderie.

My wife loved having multiple hunters in camp, I call her the social butterfly, and bonded with my PH’s wife (who was also in camp for several days) as well as the other hunters and spouses. She went hunting with us guys several days but also went shopping and had a spa treatment while we were there. She also loved our “tent” which was nicer than many motels I have stayed at for US hunts.

I was able to get some nice trophies and as it was my second safari my list was not quite the standard (Kudu/Gemsbok) plains game. I am still amazed at how something as big as an Eland can elude hunters so well. I also took my shotgun and thoroughly enjoyed my bird shooting and took sand grouse, francolin, guinea fowl, and some dove.

Food was great, I had a hot shower every day and I even went swimming on my birthday even though the pool was a bit chilly. It is a well run outfit and I would recommend without reservation.

Joe Ellison R.PH, D.PH Director of Pharmacy Vibra LTAC Hospital of Amarillo

What an adventure!
Our expectations were blown away with Global Safaris! The staff was hospitable, the food amazing and their guides were very knowledgeable. Sarel was our guide for the hunt. He spotted animals from a distance and got us the animals we wanted. Willem spotted and tracked our animals with skill. We appreciated the food that Rene and Carolien helped prepare – we never went hungry. We look forward to putting together another hunt in the future. Thank you, Global Safaris, for such a memorable expedition!
Abilene Winsupply
We didn’t know what to expect...
We didn’t know what to expect when we booked our trip with Global Safais but what we got was way beyond any expectations we had. We felt completely safe (which honestly was an issue we had to consider). We traveled as a group of 8. From the moment we were picked up at the airport until the moment we were dropped off we were spoiled. From breakfast to dinner we had everything we needed. The people we met were amazing and they are now considered our South African family. We hunted with Tyrone and had a blast with him. He was very knowledgeable and we are still trying to figure out how he could see the animals from so far a distance! Rene and Carolein took care of our every need. Some very honorable mentions are Sorel, Moses, Thaibo, Owen, William, Carl, Olivia and Monica. Watching them all work together as a team was pretty amazing. We are already planning our trip back with our children.
Carrie Greynewicz
We can't thank
We can’t thank Rene Van Wyngaardt Barnardrene Ronald Barnard Carolien Barnard and Sarel Du Plessis @global safaris for the amazing time. We could not have asked for a better honeymoon. From the time we landed to the time we left we were treated like royalty. We ate 5 star meals 3x a day, clothes were washed every day all excursions were booked and planned for us and there is just not any words for the hunting experience we had. The view and scenery was phenomenal. We experienced the culture and seen more species of animals up close and personal than you could ever see in any zoo. We rode elephants, played with elephants, experienced feeding lions and so much more. Traveling halfway across the world is scary and we was skeptical about it but global safaris made everything worry and stress free. We will be going back
Andrew Rieger
Recently returned...
Recently returned from a hunt with Global Safaris. Rene, Carolien, and Ronald you have a fantastic operation. The food, friendship, and hunting was wonderful. I harvested six animals all of which were of trophy quality. Can’t wait to see them on my wall. I’m already putting together my bucket list for the next trip. I will see you then.
Lee Owens
All I can say is WOW!
Ronald, Carolien, and Rene run an wonderful camp! It was my first time in South Africa, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience! They made us all feel like we were family. Justin our PH was very knowledgeable and personable! Great meals, great animals, and most of all great people. The professional hunters, trackers, skinners, and facility staff were great.
Kelly Moretz Siebenaler
Outstanding operation
All I can say is WOW! Ronald, Carolien, and Rene run an outstanding operation. Being our first time to South Africa, my wife and 10 years old twin sons, we didn’t know what to expect and from email and phone conversations all the way thru, they answered all questions and when we arrived everything was better than expected. Great meals, great animals, and most of all great family atmosphere and camaraderie. We arrived as strangers and left feeling like family. The professional hunters, trackers, skinners, and facility staff were great. Totdat ons weer my vriende ontmoet!!
James Monica Moore
8 day hunt
We got back this week from an 8 day hunt with global safaris. By far one of the most enjoyable 5 star hunts I have ever been on. Ron, Rene, and crew treat you like royalty. Accommodations well exceeded my groups expectations. We will definitely be coming back.
Brad Bobbit
Great people
Great people, awesome food, beautiful facilities, and quality trophy animals. Definitely recommend Global and Ubathi for your South African Safari!!!
Johnny Peerce
Well folks let me tell you...
Well folks let me tell you straight up, you will very hard pressed to find a outfitter and staff that will treat you any better than the folks at global safaris. i just got back from my 3rd time to hunt with them and i just gets bigger and better every time. from the food to the quality of the animals they always seem to outdo theirselves. i have now taken 22 animals with rene and ronald and not one has not made the gold medal for sci, and most have made roland ward. already have a trip planned for 2018 and can’t hardly wait. thanks again for everything y’all have done to make our stay so comfortable and enjoyable.
kyle galyean…
By far the best
Rene, Ronald and Carolien are by far the best host that a hunter and his wife can have on a South Africa Hunt. From the first day until the last day of the hunt they are very personal in the hunt.

Ronald takes very good care of the hunter and makes sure that the game he/she is looking for within the budget is achieved.

My bucket list was long. I am a trophy hunter that was looking for GOLD MEDAL SCI scoring trophies. At the end of the 10th day, Ronald had guided me to every animal of the seven trophies taken that I was looking for to include a Kudu, Sable, Nyala, Impala, Waterbuck, Roan and a Gemsbuck.

It wasn’t just about the kill, Ronald and his trackers went over and beyond the normal hunt. The days were very enjoyable out in the bush as Owen was a joy to hunt with as he continued to joke with me about the size of the animals that I demanded.

I highly recommend Global Safaris and Ubathi SA for your next hunt. I have referred other customers to them because I care about how my friends are taken care of on the HUNT!

Jim Shepherd

Highly impressed
LAs a professional outfitter in New Mexico for 30 years I was highly impressed with these good people. I have never had a vacation like this the guides (Ronald) the food I gained 20 lbs the lodging all above and beyond our expectations. Needless to to say I fulfilled a childhood dream and a trip is already being planned for 2018 to finish my list. Again my friends at Global Safaris thank you Mark Haynes Ironsight outfitting
Simply awesome.
I know I’ll be back soon. People are great
John Lynch
They are a wonderful company to use.
They are a wonderful company to use. They are very friendly and they make your stay with them like no other. They are very accommodating even if you have children. My son absolutely loved it there! I would go back to them anytime!
Danna Ellison
Nothing but outstanding
Recently booked a hunt with Global Safari. Nothing but outstanding service. Quality meals and accommodations. Top of the line hospitality. Good hunt with a top notch guide, Ty along with excellent tracker, Moses. Rene, Ron & Caroline all did an awesome job. If I go back there’s no question that I’d use Global Safari.
Penny Gallatly