Rifles and Permits

  • To rent at 50usd per day, amo included. All rifles have good optics that are suitable for the calibre and the area that we hunt. Some have silencers.
  • Shotguns – 50usd per day, shells to be paid separately
  • IMPORT – SOUTH AFRICAN FIREARMS IMPORTATION POLICY Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes must fill in form SAP520: Temporary Import Application
  • We advise our clients to do this 2-3 months ahead of arrival and to use our association – Phasa or a similar company. You will receive your pre- approved permits which make arrival here much less stressful
  • GUIDELINES FOR COMPLETING FORM SAP520 – The form itself is available at www.saps.gov.za or under Doc’s on this web page Fill in the form beforehand. Black ink must be used. Form should be left unsigned. Please note that not all sections of the form apply. Section D temporary import or export permit. Section E- 1 25.4. Section G. Section I as requested. Section J. Remember sign in front of Police Officer.
  • Bring proof of ownership – your customs form – must be for the year that you come hunting and right hand corner -future expiration date
  • Invitation letter from hunting outfitter – see under doc’s

Calibers and ammunition

  • Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant hunting minimum calibre 375 is required, Lions, leopards  Big game: 40 full metal jacket cartridges as well as 40 soft point cartridges are required,
  • Antelope and medium game calibres, 7mm/ 300, win mag or 30-60 will be sufficient. At least 50 soft point cartridges