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Note: Animals will not be taken in any specific order, but at random as they present themselves.


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I, the undersigned, do hereby indemnify the members and staff of Global Safaris and any of its associate companies, organizations, or persons acting for, or on its behalf, against any loss or damage, whether it is caused directly or indirectly by delays, sickness, injury, death or loss or damage to property, whether occurred by negligence or not, or any expenses arising there from, which I may suffer while with Global Safaris or while under its control or custody. I agree to abide to the decision of my Professional Hunter to take down any trophy with his weapon, that I have shot at; if in his discretion, the animal holds a threat to human life or needs to be put out of misery. I agree to pay all costs in full, that are incurred, before termination of the hunt, which may arise from my Professional Hunter taking down these wounded or life threatening animals. I also agree that photographs taken during the safari may be used for promotion and/or publicity purposes by Global Safaris. This indemnity is binding to the laws of the country of the client, as well as the country of the outfitter. I specifically submit myself to the jurisdiction of any competent South African Court of Law for any cause of action.